For the Love of an Onion.. Vidalia Onion

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About this time every year I am blessed with a monster box of onions.

It occurred to me on Friday that I had not received my “Happy Spring”

onions that I am normally gifted….   I made a couple of calls.. and

I am still getting my onions.. but just in case I wanted to show my

“gifter” how much my family covets the Vidalia Onion.  The one

that is photographed above.. we had to purchase from a store in KANSAS! (shock)

I make onion rings from the day we receive our box until

they are gone… #4 here is showing you how much he loves

Vidalia onion rings.

Really.. he loves them!

So does #2.. but he just looks a little creepy 😉

How many 5 year old kids do you know that love onions

like this one does?

I told them that they may not be getting any Vidalia onion’s

from grandpa this year… this was #3’s reaction.

#4 couldn’t believe it!

Please Vidalia onions.. get here fast.. this kid is inconsolable!

For more onion tales.. check this out.  If you want to buy some

Vidalia onions of your own go HERE.

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