Friday… Friday… Friday… To Do List

spring rain, eBay Queen house

It rained something FIERCE yesterday.. Here’s the creek  (that usually

is only a babbling brook.. about 1″ to 2″ deep) that runs through the

front of our property.

To-Do List..

1. School the Monkey’s  (today’s a light day)

2. Figure out what I need for 2010-2011 school year..

3.  Write up eBay stuff (I still have those SUNGLASSES to finish) **This is what I will really be working on all day**

4.  Start #3 solo costume

5.  Work on the Church’s eBay auctions

6. Set up time to pick up eBay donations..

7. Work on e-commerce website

8. Fill out #1’s forms

9.  Work on PowerPoint for Saturday’s eBay Class

10.  Wii time..

11.  Dinner= breakfast for dinner… I think…

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