Friday’s To Do..

I work with a lot of kids.. there are so many that want to feel this way.

Friday's To Do…

  • Take 3.5 to school
  • take nap
  • CLEAN my messy house
  • finish wrapping presents
  • *grade papers
  • finish up Advent Craft night
  • *Exercise
  • find green fabric (this is a job for #1)
  • dinner= London Broil, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls
  • Clean out my purse
  • Hair
  • Call Starbucks
  • Confirmation Class Retreat
  • Pick up 3.5
  • *Get Cookie Money Together
  • Fax Registrations in (for #1 to do)
  • Finish cleaning play room (#2,3,4,5)
  • Finish Christmas decorations.. take pictures

(*who am I kidding.. I'm not going to do this today but just in case)

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