Friday’s To Do..

debit card

I'm taking lots of young adults on a Mission Trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I have this debit card that belongs to my church's Youth Debit account.  I haven't used it since last years Mission Trip to Joplin Missouri.  I thought it was in my wallet… but it wasn't.  We looked for it for a solid 3 hours.. and nothing.  I went to the bank where they told me "it would take 14 days to get a new one."   You guessed correctly.. I don't have 14 days.  So I did what all desperate people do.. I issued a challenge to #1.  If she found it I would take her (and only her) to the movies to see "Snow White and The Huntsman". 

That was such a fabulous prize, she found it!  In my camera bag that I haven't used since last years mission trip. :0


Friday's To Do..

  • Clean out the car
  • Load car with Mon Ami's stuff
  • Run errands
  • Take #1 to see Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Meet my Mon Ami to give her the Thanksgiving and Halloween stuff she bought at the Estate Sale
  • Grocery List for Mission Trip
  • Paperwork for Mission Trip
  • Copy signs
  • Post Office
  • Games and Craft List Written
  • Dinner= Something out with #1

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