From Peace & Quiet to Chaos.. that’s the life of The Man

About this time every year I think about The Man.. and I feel sorry for him. When I met him he was this super skinny guy that wore 28/36 jeans and these ugly bright colored western shirts. He had a cleaning lady and a pretty quiet life living out on 40 acres, doing his own thing… driving a big red Dodge 4×4 truck.

The he met me…

He still lives out on 40 acres.. but his cleaning lady is gone, his truck is gone (because you can't fit 5 kids in a truck), and his quiet life is well.. history (remember the 5 kids?). He's still pretty thin.. but his 28" waist days are gone too..

Happy Anniversary.. Thank you for saying I DO. I like to think it was the smartest decision you've ever made 😉

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