Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance 2010

The Man and #3 ready to go to the Masquerade Ball.

She wanted her hair to be super curly… So we put the curlers in last night

and she wore them over night and all day.  I think they did the trick!

She also just recently added bangs to her curly do..

“I like your bangs.”  (what movie is that from?)

This was a masquerade ball.. #3 opted for a spring dress.. and a cool

feather mask.

I tried to talk her into some kind of taffeta number…

but she liked this.. (and I did too).

This dress is from a 1950’s pattern we bought.. (where else?) eBay.

Here’s #4 and #5 with dad.. They wanted to go watch

#3 dance with The Man.  Instead we stayed home and had

burritos and ice cream.

They look pretty good don’t you think?

Do you want to see photos from Father Daughter Dance’s in the past?  Go HERE.

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