Gone Girl…

nogooddeedI guess some people missed me this last week.   I received a couple of message asking where the heck I was… Here’s one of the emails:

“Hey You!  Where the heck are you?  I may seem like a stalker, but I’m not. Or maybe I am.  I love reading your to do list. It’s the most productive time of my day. My daughter even says; “What’s the Queen doing today?”  Where have you gone to my queen.  Come back!”


Dear Pamela;

So this week was a bit crazy for me.  I was the lovely recipient of some kind of cough and fever given to me by a sweet child during children’s church…  AND it was the week I travel and buy stuff for my eBay and online store. I have my regular suppliers of products, but this stuff is just well, special.  My excuse is that not only was I sick, but I had this extra stuff to wear me out… and it wasn’t until Friday that I realized “I haven’t posted on my blog!”

So.. Pamela and daughter.. I’m back.. with a bit of a cough.  Thanks for asking.

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