Good Gravy I Need Some Direction

I survived.. I made it.. I’ve lived to tell the tale.  I am back from a long weekend of Girl Scout Camping.  It was fun..  and exhausting.. I tried to make my daily to do list last night, and I just couldn’t get it done.   Here it is…

  • No School today…
  • 30 minutes on the Wii
  • Write up eBay Listings
  • Clean out my inbox… because I haven’t since Friday!
  • Clean.. Clean… my house looks like Girl Scout Camp threw up on it..
  • Dinner: It’s clean out the fridge night… I didn’t clean out the fridge.. we had potato soup and sandwiches.
  • Name photos for charity eBay Auction
  • Make About Me page for Charity Auctions
  • Make template for Charity auction
  • Check up ENFORCE  the Chore Charts
  • Figure out BLOGHER.. this site vex’s me..
  • Send emails out for weaving project at Girl Scouts
  • blog.. blog.. blog

Tabled Items

  1. work on the Cooking Blog
  2. stretch and block my friend’s needlepoint
  3. finish #1’s Coat (make button holes)
  4. make lining for the felted purse #1 gave me

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