Happy Father’s Day…

The Man, sexy husband, love of my life

My favorite photo of The Man.. aka.. The Father of my children..

This is an old photo.. about 2 years old.. but shows

The Man with the monkeys.  They look pretty cute huh?

This photo was taken in front of the T-Rex Cafe at the

Legends in Kansas City.  If you’ve never gone.. you need too.

It’s a great place to take your kids!

I wish I could tell you all the things that makes The Man a great father.

I know I will leave something out… but here are a few of the things

that make him a fantastic dad.

1.  He can fix the dishwasher, washer dryer, TV.. you name it.

2. He’s reliable and dependable. In the 16 or so years I’ve known him, he’s called in sick to work 2 times.  One of those times, he was in the hospital over night.. When he was released he went to work for a few hours.

3. He’s always got your back.

4. He listens to every one’s complaint before he makes a decision.

5.  He gets misty eyed when he watches his kids perform.

6.  He’s a good math teacher.

7. He has unbelievable patience.

8. He has a great sense of humor.. when you least expect it, he springs it on you.

9. He has the best “Dad” voice ever..

10. He loves his childrens mother and listens to her whine.. complain.. moan and groan..

11. He has the cutest nicknames for each of our kids.

12. 99% of the time he lets the kids watch whatever they want on TV… and they can sit on his lap while they do it.

Happy Father’s Day to The Man!   We love you!

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