Happy Valentine’s Day.. or Valentine’s that Sell on eBay..


Sailor Valentine Seashell Picture Double Cased Early Victorian $1284.20  by eBay Seller hiijamonkey6  Check it out HERE 



Sculpture #296 Valentine Fairy OOAK by Faeries in the Attic FITA Polymer Clay $1250.00 by eBay Seller faerielady Check it out HERE:



St Valentine Day massacre Brick SOLD $1,100 by eBay Seller caiello835 Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage Red Bakelite MacArthur’s Heart and Key Valentine Pin Sold $850.00 by eBay Seller AlohaHawaii Check it out HERE 


Vintage Red Olivetti Valentine Typewriter Mid Century Modern Refurbished w/ Ribbon By eBay Seller Typeitup  Check it out HERE

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