Imagination, A Poke in the Eye, and a Bunch of Attorneys

#6 is bright, funny, has quite the imagination.  Last night when his big sister #1 was going to bed he did in our house what’s called a “good game”.  You know in football, baseball or whatever the sport when one player slaps the other player on the bum and says “good game”.  #6 knows this makes #1 nuts so he does it frequently.  Apparently when he did it, she spun around and accidentally poked him in the eye.


He was a little upset and #1 felt horrible.  Until #6 decided to bring his attorneys in to speak with her.


#6’s attorney’s..


See they are even smiling.  I guess they are nice attorney’s.

#6 even drew a re-enactment of the whole incident.



See that z thing.. that’s #1’s arm where she went around the door and poked him in the eye.


While #6 was sleeping  #1 drew out her version.



Here’s #1’s side of the story.  When I asked #6 if this was accurate, he said “She did not tap me in the eye, she punched me.”


She doesn’t draw #6 is a very good light here… I tried to clarify this with #6 and he said: “She knows which eye she punched me in. My attorney’s will talk to her later.”


Apparently #1 has a subscription to “Good Sister Monthly” and #6 wrote a book called “I own the place.”

I asked #6 what his attorney’s plan on doing to #1 and he said: “I don’t know they are still planning something.”

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