Kennebunk Weavers Sweater Top.. Hairy and Rare?

I was looking at Savers for some wool sweaters to use for Girl Scout crafts when I saw this…

It’s the weirdest.. hairy-ist sweater top thing..  It is really heavy too!

It’s made by Kennebunk Weavers.  When I looked up Kennebunk Weavers..

I found the make FABULOUS blankets and throws.. But I couldn’t

find anything about sweaters or tops.

Here’s a close up of the weaving.  I don’t think it shows the “fuzziness”

of it up close.

It’s cute… with leggings… and I think it just might be rare…

Just like #1 here.. she’s a rare jewel..  So have any of you

heard of Kennebunk Weavers making tops or sweaters?

What’s the value on one of these?  Any keywords I should use?

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