Labor Day Auction..

Brandon had a sweet little sale today.. one thing about a Brandon

Otto auction.. he’s clear, fast and fair.

One of the best things about today’s auction was that it was held

under Wellsville’s large shade trees.

One of my pet peeves about going to an auction is

being late.  Today I left a little late.. and had to “fight”

to see stuff.  When I say fight I don’t mean really get in

an argument.. you just have to say lots of “excuse me”

and wait around to look at the jun

They had doors.. and lots of furniture..

I really wanted those platters..

See those beaded things?

I got them.. 🙂

There were probably 50 old hankies in here.. I bid on them,

but they went for over 60.00.

This is a tiny sample linens they had.. they all went pretty high too.

Lot’s of old Christmas stuff.

Faux fruit..

I really wanted this yellow cabinet.. #3 wanted the polka dot boxes.

(We didn’t get them)

I wanted the big flower print.. but I just couldn’t

pay the prices they were getting here today 🙂

Here’s #4 he found some cool leaves that have a fuzzy

feel to them.  In the background you can see #3 she’s

chatting it up about her American Girl Doll.. and the

new American Girl Store that opened in Overland Park..

(more to come on the American Girl store)

Here’s all of Brandon’s upcoming auctions!

**I forgot to take photos of all the junk I got!.. maybe I’ll get that done tomorrow!

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