Learning to Ride a Bike..

riding a bike

This weekend #4 is learning to ride a bike.

Here’s The Man.. explaining the basics to him.

I have avoided watching my children (numbers 1-3) learn to

ride a bike.  I just don’t like to watch any of them fall.

Then #1 said.. “You don’t have any pictures of us learning

to ride a bike!”  So.. I decided to go out, watch and

take photos.. even though I knew I might see something

like this:

At least when he fell, he was smiling.

Hang in there #4.. sit up straight! pedal! Pedal! Pedal!


Get back up and try again, monkey!

You can do it!

There he goes… He fell off right after I took this

picture.. but in his defense..

He got back on and kept trying!

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