List: Jobs I’ve had as Child/Young Adult


High School

  • Lifeguard
  • Swim instructor
  • Cashier/meat counter at a butcher shop
  • Cashier at a grocery store
  • Telemarketer for a carpet cleaning company
  • Cashier at a garden center
  • Waitress/napkin folder at a Chinese Restaurant (for 3 hours)
  • I sold candy at school out of my backpack that I bought at Sam’s everyday.  I made about 30.00 a day. (it help pay for college)


  • Asst Manager at an arcade
  • Asst Manager at an accessory store
  • Part Time Fleet department secretary
  • Carsales


  • Customer relations Manager (car dealership)
  • Finance Manager
  • Sales Manager/Closer (car dealership)
  • Auto body shop manager
  • Wife
  • Stay at home mom
  • Art teacher
  • eBay Queen
  • Newspaper columnist
  • Youth Director

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