Love Letters… From my Children

About once a week I receive a cute little note next to my bed from #3.  Sometimes it’s under my pillow, sometimes it’s by the phone or it might be sitting on top of some books.  #4 was helping make the bed and noticed these notes.  He was very concerned and wanted to know  WHO was leaving “HIS” mother notes.  I told him about #3 and how she likes to leave me a little something every once in a while.  Imagine my surprise when I went to bed and there were THREE love notes.

I know there are four here.. I have two from my over achieving #3.

This is a flower from my baby.. #5.

I realize “Mommy” is spelled wrong.. but I still love it.

#4 did this without any help.  He went upstairs and worked on

it for a really long time… He missed is favorite part of the Olympics

to make this for me.  Brings a little tear to my eye…

What a sweet girl…

HMMM….. It makes me wonder why #1 and #2 don’t leave me notes?

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