Monday’s Plans 7-20-2020

My latest needlepoint.

  • Meeting @9:00
  • One time Orders
  • Call Managed Payments team.. Supervisor was supposed to call me back, on the 10th… and didn’t.  It’s the 20th and they have not called me back.
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • Dinner= homemade calzones, salad
  • Post Office
  • Go sign paperwork at the bank (for managed payments)
  • Send offers
  • Put purse’s in new storage containers
  • water plants (remind #6)
  • Laundry
  • Figure out if #6 is going to take the White Hat course
  • Sign #4, #5 and #6 for online IT summer camp
  • Figure out how to put my eBay category in the Shopify store.
  • Load car

1 thought on “Monday’s Plans 7-20-2020

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