Monday’s To Do..

Do these people look a like?

Monday's To Do..

  • exercise..
  • plan dinner for the week
  • work in school room..
  • Call NCC to remind them to return my DVD
  • Write Article
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • Find desk for School room
  • paint the kids desks…
  • pick up chairs
  • Have the monkey's clean out the car
  • Call about hair cut.. seriously.. this is re-donk-cu-lous!
  • Plan Youth Group
  • Clean entry way
  • Figure out which books I still need to start school
  • Order Start Write
  • Subscription to EdHelper
  • Help the dog.. be a better dog.. without beating him
  • Figure out a way to get back in the "saddle" (mission trips kick my behind)
  • Avoid #1.. she has a cold

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