Monday’s To Do

seriously woman?

"Seriously? You are NOT buying me a Ben 10 Watch Today?"

Monday's To Do..

  • Take #4 to Speech
  • Bank
  • Exercise
  • Grade papers
  • Figure out if I am going to THIS AUCTION.
  • find orange and white book (#1 says she knows where it is)
  • School the monkeys
  • dinner= leftovers (because of auction)
  • write eBay stuff up
  • put desk and bed on Craig's list
  • Get Consignor payout thing done
  • Call Bank of the West (again)
  • Follow up with Girl Scouts
  • Receipts together for church
  • Finance report
  • take exercise thing downstairs
  • move filing cabinets
  • hang pictures and hang that cool thing I bought at the Garage sale.
  • Pick up Family Room
  • Cut #2's and The Man's hair
  • Do something with my hair

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