Monday’s To Do..

I want that…

Monday's To Do…

  • Take #3.5 to school
  • clean the abode
  • dinner = Baked Potato Soup, home made bread
  • work on eBay junk (because Today's is 1 cent listing day)
  • start Christmas Decorations
  • Paint and prime front door
  • Charge phone batteries
  • Call Loren
  • Work on Christmas Crafts for Church Craft Night
  • Grade Papers
  • Article
  • Wrap Presents
  • Start Croissant dough
  • Pick up 3.5
  • Make Black Friday list for Christmas Craft Night

******Stuff for the monkey's to do***********

  • Books together to go back to the library
  • Bring Tree over
  • Upstairs hallway
  • Tulips?
  • Find stocking fabric
  • Vacuum Bedroom
  • Family room
  • Hang up clothes
  • Clean out the car

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