Monday’s To Do..

Have you ever visited SOME CARDS?  You should… they are funny!

Monday's To DO..

  • Take 3.5 to school
  • Take #4 to school
  • Exercise
  • School the monkey's
  • bank
  • Make a few phone calls: Orthodontist, Dr, Dentist
  • Take 3.5 to get her shots
  • find green fabric
  • work on cleaning the play room
  • dinner= Beef Stroganoff, salad, garlic bread
  • Clean out my purse
  • wrap packages
  • wrap Christmas stuff
  • Make sure stuff is ready for Advent Craft night
  • Pick up this messy house
  • Hair
  • Call Starbucks
  • Confirmation Class Retreat
  • Call about Girl Scouts next week
  • Pick up 3.5

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