Morbid eBay Prediction…

Please don't hate me because I think this way.. It's just 14 years of living as an eBay seller that I think like this.

This morning while trying to decide if I was going to get up and exercise or stay in bed… I heard that Vittorio Missoni's plane is missing.  This news made me sit RIGHT up in bed. If you know who Missoni is, then you might be thinking.. "That girl doesn't know anything about fashion…"  Or if you really know me.. you might be interested to know that I really *did* get up and exercise instead of lay there. 🙂 Here's a link to an article about Vittorio Missoni

Back in 2011 Target and Missoni got together and offered some interesting looking housewares and clothing.  The stuff flew off the Target shelves and some went straight to eBay.  I wrote a couple of blogs about it HERE and HERE and HERE.  I'm wondering now if people held on to some of that… and if it might sell even higher than it did in 2011.  Pretty morbid.. I know.


Here's some high ending examples from the last couple of weeks. 

Missoni for Target Limited Edition Womens 3 Speed Cruiser Bike Unopened Sold Out SOLD $700.00 by eBay Seller lakersla8  Check it out HERE 



Rare Missoni for Target Mini Chevron Comforter Duvet Bedroom Set & Shams Sold $425.00 by eBay Seller czuklz1968  Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target White Zig Zag Sweater Coat Jacket new Sz M Sold  $300.00 by eBay Seller la_stranger  Check it out HERE 

New Missoni for Target 2 piece Set Sweater Dress and Open cardigan Sz L Sold $299.99 by eBay Seller yanita69 Check it out HERE 

Missoni for Target Passione Floral 4×6 Area Rug SOLD 242.50 by eBay Seller sadietzu  Check it out HERE

We'll check back in a few weeks to see if Mr. Missoni plane disappearing has effected the sales of this stuff on eBay.

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