Notes from #5


#5 has saved about 6 months for the Nintendo DS Game Pokemon Moon.  The game was available to purchase on Friday the 18th.  I could not take him with me to pick up the game, and he was worried I would not purchase the correct item.  So he quickly wrote this note and gave it to me so I would know what he wanted.


“Read at Gamestop OR at any time”


“Mom if you are reading this that means that you are in Game Stop.  Ask for Pokemon Moon if they don’t have it then ask for Pokemon Sun.  Use as much money that you need for the game.”

He had 44.00 wrapped up in the note.  I really like that he told me to use as much money that I needed.  Just in case you were wondering.  He knows how to write, but apparently not quickly when I am about to walk out the door.


PS I know that they both need hair cuts.

PSS Can you be turned into SRS for not cutting your children’s hair?

PSSS I will cut them before Thanksgiving. Don’t call SRS 😉

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