Opening a Return Warning Message on eBay


Saturday I went to open a return and received an odd message.  I selected arrived damaged and received the following message:

“We have observed returns or other buying activity that did not follow the Abusive Buyer Policy.  Your future buying activity must follow this policy or you could lose your ability to return items on eBay.”


I’ve had ONE return in 2020 and O returns in 2019.  I filled out the form and an eBay Concierge customer service person helped me.  They could not find a reason, and transferred me to a different area.  I was on the phone for another 5-10 min and they could not figure out why I received that message.


I thought it might be interesting to you to see it.




1 thought on “Opening a Return Warning Message on eBay

  1. I got the exact same warning from eBay this afternoon while trying to open a legitimate return case. Prior to this, I had only requested a single return all year (for a food item that was literally 4 years expired and definitely not as described by the seller).

    As an avid buyer and seller since 1998 with more than 4000 transactions under my belt, I am definitely not happy with eBay giving me this absurd "warning" about returning falsely advertised goods.

    I am hoping this is just another flawed policy implementation that will be adjusted over time when they realize they are punishing honest buyers.

    Thanks for publishing this, by the way — I am sure others are experiencing the same accusation!

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