Parking Lot Observations..

My lovely husband.. that I affectionately call "THE MAN", sent me to the hardware store on Sunday.   I found a few things that didn't make me laugh, like the price of wood screws… and a few  that made me laugh…


This car is taking up two parking spaces… can you see the vanity plates? They read "SINNER"


Maybe it's just my sense of humor… Can you see the "expectant mother" sign in front of this car?  Did you see the vanity plates?  "Spaded"

If your animal is fixed they are spade or neutered.. and they are parked in the expectant mother parking?  Funny Right?

Ok…. maybe not. :/


Lady Anti-Monkey Butt.. that's funny right?

I don't know about you, but I don't want monkey butt, let alone LADY monkey butt.

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