PayPal Credit Card Chargeback is this Normal?

I was notified that I had a PayPal Chargeback on Friday.  I went to look at the transaction on eBay, and noticed that the item was shipped in October, and the delivery confirmation shows delivered.  I checked and I sent the item to the buyers confirmed address.

I sent the buyer an email:

“Hi, I was just notified by PayPal you did a chargeback on my patches that were sent to you in October.  Can you explain the problem?”


The buyer responded:

“I had major fraud during that time so we had to cancel any orders to flush out legitimate orders. Call me and we can make arrangements.  Betty”

Really? You chargeback EVERYTHING because you want to flush out legitimate orders?  Who does that?  I’ve never done a chargeback.  Is this the common response?  It would seem to me a very dishonest way to handle credit card fraud.

The good news is that PayPal is backing me, and the money is back in my account.