Plans.. what are Plans for Anyway?

I got up this morning.. realizing that I forgot to make my to do list.  I sat down at my computer and it was off.  I thought maybe Windows did an update or something.   I turned it on, it booted up.. and I received an error code…

Not this screen actually.. but one similar.  I messed around with the computer for another 30 minutes or so.. then called The Man.  He told me based on the error codes, I needed a new hard drive. (This will be the 3 in this Dell of mine).  I called Wal-mart to see if they had a hard drive for a laptop.  I spoke to a woman in electronics, told her “I needed a hard drive for a laptop.”  She came back on the phone 5 minutes later to tell me she had some, and they ranged in price from 59.00 to 89.00.

#2 and I went in search of the perfect hard drive.  We arrived at Wal-mart only to find that the two 65 + year old women working in the electronics department had the external hard drives confused with actual hard drives.  Which means a lovely 50+ mile drive to Kansas City.  This made #2 super happy.  He loves to go to the nerd stores.

Once in Kansas City we purchased a hard drive for $65.00.. and headed home.  Needless to say 6 hours later it’s not my hard drive, it the mother board or the processor.  Currently I am waiting on this man:

ticket to the gun show, the man

To fix it.. if he does.. my mother was right.  “It is really nice to have a man around that can fix things.”

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