Rambling About: San Pellegrino, Whole Foods and Epic Meat Bars

I went to Chicago in August… (I meant to write a blog about it.. but so far I haven't…) While I was there I fell in love with San Pellegrino Sparkling "juice" water.

chicagodrake5Oh.. and a fresh baked croissant..

If you haven't had Pellegrino..it's like a sparkling water with a bit of juice in it.


If you live in the middle of NO-WHERE like I do.. you can't just go to the local gas station, grocery store or Wal-mart and pick this stuff up..  The closest place to me is …

wholefoodsWhole Foods Market.  Which is about 35 miles away.

sanpellaI bought a 6 pack in each flavor. 

My favorite is Pomegranate.. but I really love them all. They make me happy,

While I was in Whole Foods I saw this sign…


Epic Grass Fed Meat Bar.. The sign made me stop.. but the packaging made me drool..


I love love love this packaging!  I'm a bit afraid to eat the Epic bars.. but I really think this vintage-ish looking package is cool.  These Epic bars come in Beef Habanero Cherry Bar, Turkey Almond Cranberry Bar, Lamb Currant Mint Bar, and Bison, Bacon, Cranberry Bar.  Have you ever had these?

Rambling… out!

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