Saw and Bought at the Auction…

I spent a little time at Strickers Auction in Gardner Kansas last night.  Here's some of the stuff I saw…

Rows of what my friend Tammy and I call "real people" stuff.

Vintage leather dye?

Cool bed in the background.. nice toys in the foreground.

I really wanted these vintage clothes.  There were some really cool vintage wool coats in this bunch.  I didn't wait around to see these sell.

Outdoor furniture?

Dudes talking

See this vintage girls bedroom set? I've seen BUNCHES go through this auction over the years, and not sell for $50.00.  Last night, this bad boy sold for over $200.00

I wanted this chair.. but The Man doesn't think I need it.

OOOH I wanted these things too. (I didn't get them)

Saddle anyone?

I *did* get some of these cowboy boots

Nothing I want here.. but those big pots..

I wanted this thing…

Wanted these cute little pigs.

Hello.. Little Suzy Homemaker?

Jim Shore.. (didn't get it 🙁 )


Jogging Stroller

Moon & Stars and USN silverware

Nuts anyone?

Frankoma and some dishes.

Here's what I got..

and the stroller.. I think the cat believes I'm going push him around… I'm not. I'll be pushing this kid around.



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