Saw and Bought? Strickers Auction

Monday night was auction night at Strickers!

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Some outside junk..

American Indian dolls anyone?

Louis L'Amour book lots sold for $9.00 a box.. the bottom of the cart had Vintage "Little Golden Books" each box of those sold for $30.00 each.

I was pretty surprised when these trees sold for 25.00 for 5 of them.

All of the rings sold for $175.00

Homer laughlin eggshell

Homer Laughlin Egg Shell Magnolia Dishes anyone?  Sold $32.00

I wanted this black and yellow "signature" quilt.  I was too lazy to stay and wait for it.

L E Smith Punch bowl

I won this bad boy.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.. Keep it or sell it.

I wanted those totes.. they were full of  homeschool stuff.  I missed them 🙁

vintage 7 up clock

Hello… 7UP clock

pantaloons, frilly underwear, vintage underwear, lace


Stuff.. and more stuff..

Saturn glasses

I thought these might be Saturn Glass.. but I'm not so sure.

iron bed

Cute iron beds..

box of lightbulbs

box of light bulbs anyone?

How cute is this?

Normally I have a couple of photos of everything I bought.. I forgot to do that this time… It was pretty uneventful haul though.. 🙁


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