Selling Girl Scout Cookies or as I like to call it… Overheard at a Gun Show…

Here's #3 and #3.5 sitting at our Cookie Booth.

I've been to one or two gun shows in my life….. one was this kind:

This is my favorite kind of gun show…

And the kind I went to today:

We sold about 50 or so boxes of cookies, which was pretty good in my opinion. 

I saw lots of stuff that was interesting.. but the stuff I overheard was exceptionally interesting.  There were all kinds of men having conversations that I could only hear part of… here's some of the stuff I overheard.

  • I trust no one.
  • People are not trustworthy, you need a gun!
  • I only sell self defense bullets.
  • Do you have any flame throwers?
  • I got bursitis in my hips!
  • You better get that fixed!
  • This knife will tenderize your meat BEFORE you cut it!
  • I can shoot that one handed!  Yeah, if you want to break your wrist!
  • Will this kill a deer? Sure! If you shoot it right!
  • You're gonna need ear plugs for this one!
  • That's for the man that has more money than brains!
  • I have a federal explosives license, I'd get arrested for that one!
  • You gotta wear chain mail when you go hunting them rattlesnakes.  They'll break your leg when they strike!
  • I only sell 2nd and 3rd level guns.

See the disco ball on the ceiling?

All in all it was a good day, and we got rid of 50 boxes of cookies!

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