Something to Sell on eBay… Cereal Collectibles

I would have taken one look at this and thought.. “JUNK!!”

1. Captain Crunch 1968 Wiggle Figures.  SOLD $495.99 Check it out HERE

Little Orphan Annie Decoder ring! So.. cool

2. Orphan Annie Secret Guard Magnifying Ring  SOLD $395.00  Check it out HERE.

I love KIX cereal.. I had no idea the Trix Bunny would advertise on the back!

3. Vintage cereal box KIX 9 oz Trix Mask on Back SOLD $282.00  Check it out HERE.

I don’t think I would have know what this was if I saw it either.. It’s pretty cool.. don’t you think?

4. 1950’s Bomb sight cereal Premium Toy Kellogg’s SOLD $266.01 Check it out HERE.

This dude.. I know who he is.. Cute bank!

5. Quisp Cereal Premium Bank Figure  SOLD $265.00.  Check it out HERE.

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