Something to Sell on eBay…Hallmark Road Rovers

Hallmark, Road rovers, colllectibles

When I was a kid my mom bought me a bunch of these

Hallmark Road Rovers.  I don’t have the original ones

I had back then.. but as you know.. there is ALWAYS eBay!

Road Rovers, Hallmark Cards, Die-Cast Hand Painted 1974 Sold $325.99  by eBay Seller catkitkat40  Check it out HERE

***One of the reasons this lot sold so high?  It had Rosey Racer!

Vintage Hallmark Toy 1975 Road Rovers Garage! Brand New in Package. $122.50  by eBay Seller tinaisflybydesign.  Check it out HERE.

Hallmark Road Rovers 12 PC Complete Collection in Boxes $113.61 by eBay Seller Taskoll665nbt.  Check it out HERE.

Rosy Racer is not in the sticker set either.

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