Something to Sell on eBay.. Holt Howard

I love Holt Howard stuff… I think it is quite possibly one of the cutest things ever!  Check out these HIGH selling things on eBay..


Mid Century Holt Howard Devils Brew Decanter Mint Vintage Original Eames Era SOLD 860.00 by eBay Seller dkovacsradios  Check it out HERE  



Rare Holt Howard Bee Bothered Cozy Kitten in Original Box SOLD $648.00 by eBay Seller OldWares Check it out HERE 


Very Rare Holt Howard 1959 Snack Pixie Ketchup Katie SOLD $625.00 by eBay Seller secondchancez Check it out HERE 


Vintage 1959 Holt Howard Pixieware Honey Pot SOLD $350.00 by eBay Seller lifeinspice  Check it out HERE 


 Hold Howard Cat Sugar Shaker/Pourer SOLD 355.00 by eBay Seller dogbone42  Check it out HERE 



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