Something to Sell on eBay: Littlest Pet Shop Toys

If you like to shop garage sales, and thrift stores you just might come across some of these Littlest Pet Shop toys. Do your research  some of these little boogers are worth some money!



Lot of 10 Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Brown Dachshund Weiner Dog with Camera and more  SOLD $730.00 by eBay seller nothingbutdeal5411 Check it out HERE


Vintage Littlest Pet Shop Mommy Swan with Snuggling Babies Complete  SOLD $305.00 by eBay Seller conner96r  Check it out HERE


Littlest Pet Shoppe All Original and Authentic #675 Dachshund & #58 Collie SOLD 179.99 by eBay Seller GoodFinds433  Check it out HERE


Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund 2046 Rare the only Such SOLD 170.00 by eBay Seller iwonklik82078 Check it out HERE 


Littlest Pet Shop #568 Sandy Cocker Spaniel Dog Round Pupil SOLD 165.00 by eBay Seller lindam1460  Check it out HERE 

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