Something to sell on eBay: Masonic Aprons

I have some vintage aprons I was thinking about selling on eBay.. doing a little research I found some pretty high selling aprons.. but not the classic vintage aprons I believed I would find. I thought I would show you 5 fabulous vintage aprons.. similar to this one below..

vintage aprons

This one was bein sold by The Cats Pajamas Vintage. Check it out HERE

Here’s what I did find.

masonic aprons, vintage aprons

Vintage Masonic Silk Apron by eBay Seller greenstonecottage. SOLD $182.50 Check it out HERE.

I wonder how high these would have gone if the seller sold them individually

4 Vintage Masonic Apron’s Nice by eBay Seller Patsoldtoys. SOLD $119.59 Check it out HERE.

Vintage Masonic Lamb Skin Apron Lone Star Lodge #2 by eBay Seller lefthappy. SOLD $105.50 Check it out HERE.

Vintage Masonic knights Templar Apron Skull & Crossbone by eBay Seller tat2tp124 SOLD $78.77Check it out HERE

Vintage Masonic Apron Masons Lodge 314 by eBay Seller gofishingup SOLD $66.00 Check it out HERE.

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