Something to Sell on eBay Mountain Dew Collectibles

Mint Mountain Dew Soda Cola Hillbilly Bottle Jug Country Store Tin Sign NOS SOLD $1,132.77 by eBay Seller sodapopcollector check it out HERE 


Light Up Huge 40” Mountain Dew Cola Soad Hillbilly Advertising Clock Sold $1000.  By eBay Seller kennybrooks.  Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage 1964 Mountain Dew Bottle No Name, Numbered Very Nice Condition.  Sold 565.75 by eBay Seller stonemountaindew Check it out HERE 


Vintage Antique Soda Advertising Mountain Dew Hillbilly Sign.  Sold $361.56 By eBay Seller Seamusnharry Check it out HERE 


Mountain Dew RED Very Rare Glass Bottle SOLD $220.00 by eBay Seller hillbillydavis  Check it out HERE 


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