Sometimes it’s Hard to Find the Thinker

The Thinker, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, sculpture, art gallery, kids

For my birthday last week I decided to take the kids to the

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  We had a great time there.  #4

and #5 wanted to see “The Thinker.”  All through out the building

I would hear; “This is great, but where is the Thinker?”  “Hey Mom!

Where’s the Thinker?”  “Are we at the Thinker yet?”  Of course

The Thinker was the last stop on our tour of the  museum…

I know some of you are thinking how could 2 little boys

know so much about sculpture?  I can tell you it’s not

because they are homeschooled.. it’s because they’ve

watched one of their favorite movies Night at the Museum.

Here they are being the “Thinkers”

Here’s #3  doing her “Thinker” pose.

I asked #2 if he wanted to “Think”.. he said; “I’ll just hold

this ladie’s hand.”  He’s weird like that.

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