Sometimes Teenage Boys can Be Sweet…

A few weeks ago my Micro Center 8G flash or thumb drive stopped working. ( I blogged about it here.) I called several places to see if they could recover the data. Most told me it would be $100. to $500.00 to recover it. I took it into Micro Center and they gave me a lecture about “backing up my drives” and “how it would be $500.00 for them to open a ticket to look at it”. Needless to say Micro Center won’t be getting much of my business.. if I wanted to be talked down to by a teenage nerd I could ask #2 for advice. Which leads me to this..

That #2 he’s been trying to get my flash drive to work. He puts into different computers, yells at the drive when it doesn’t work, prays about it and talks about sacrificing chickens. 😉 The other day, he sat up right in the chair and said… “I haven’t tried it in the Vista computer!” He made a few weird gestures, closed his eyes, prayed, then made the sign of the cross (we aren’t Catholic) and plugged it in.

The light came on!

Holy Smokes.. and it STAYED ON..

The Vista computer is hooked up to THE TV (you know the TV I talked

about here and here).

We held our breath and started moving files.. a few at a time.

After 2 hours of holding our breath it was done.. I had

all my photos back that I loved (and didn’t back up).

After that ordeal I gave my favorite chicken sacrificing, know

it all teenage boy a kiss.

Oh.. and he gave me one back.. While he might be a know-it-all,

he never has a problem hugging his mother. He’s good

like that. That kid on #2’s back is, #3 she’s a good one too :).

*** We unplugged the flash drive when we were done, and plugged it in again.. it never started back up..

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