Strange eBay Item of the Day: Kentucky Derby Glass SOLD $7400.00


Title: 1940 Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass Churchill Downs

Sub-Title: BEYOND Ultra Rare !!!

SELLER: rogala2

Description:  I have been collecting Kentucky Derby Glasses for 25+ years and have one of the few "complete collections" in the country. This 1940 Kentucky Derby glass displays beautifully and will be a very special addition to your collection as it is one of the rarest collectible glasses ever produced !!!

I will be selling some of the most prized glasses from my collection this week as my wife and I have just been blessed with TWINS…which turn out to be even more expensive than Derby Glasses !!! 🙂

This is your chance to acquire some extremely coveted Derby Glasses which rarely appear on the market !!!

This beautiful glass has always been my most treasured collectible…and I will be shedding MORE than a few tears over its sale… 🙁  As usual, the pictures tell the story here, but I want to specifically point out two small points about this glass:

1)  Directly below the horse-head on the front of the glass is a small manufacturing imperfection within and on the surface of the glass itself.  This feels almost like a faint scratch to one's touch.  It is almost imperceptible and it does not show up in photos, but it is there if you look very closely while actually holding the glass.  In my opinion, it does not detract from the way this glass displays in one's collection.

2)  In some lightings, the nose and forehead area of the horse-head on the front decal is not quite as shiny as the rest of the decal on the front of this glass.  Again, this does not show up in photos, and does not detract from the way the glass displays, but I mention it by way of full disclosure as when one is actually holding the glass and rotating it back and forth in strong light, it can be seen.

Because of those two very minor concerns, I am pricing this glass quite a bit BELOW market value.  If you ever wanted to own an example of this glass to complete your collection, this is your chance !!! 


This auction is for the 1940 Kentucky Derby glass shown in the first two photos only. The additional photos are for reference and show the other extremely RARE glasses that I will be selling this week (from 1938, 1939 and 1941-44) and also a picture of my complete collection.

Buyer to pay actual packaging and shipping costs including insurance coverage on the final selling price.  Due to the high value of this item, double boxing and professional packaging by UPS really is a must.  Final shipping and packaging costs TBD after close of auction.

SOLD: $ 7400.00  (Here's to hoping you find a couple in your cabinet!)

Do you want to check out this cool item?  Go HERE

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