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Happy Birthday #2


I'm not sure how old he was here.. maybe 4 or 5?

He liked to walk around in his underwear wrapped up in his "candy night night" (that blanket on his head).



jacobsenior#2… It's been a fun 19 years.

Happy Birthday #2 !

This sweet little boy turned 16 today.

This picture was taken when he about 3 years old.  He was sitting in a wagon with nothing but his underwear and his "candy" night night.  He loved that blanket to the very end of it…  He liked to be pulled around in a wagon too.  His mom would do it whenever he wanted.

Here he is from January of this year.  He slept on the floor at the hospital, and wouldn't leave my side.  He just that kind of son. 🙂

#2 will always try something on and let me take a picture.


Happy Birthday to the sweetest 16 year old I know!

The One about the Working Baby

I found these pictures on my camera, and I'm not sure what these two are doing…

They are pretty cute aren't they?

I like to think that #2 is showing #6 how to surf the internet.

I just realized these two little muffins look alike.  WHOA..

My First Attempt at.. Mobile Blogging

I realized in my rush to get out of my house to run errands that I had not set my blogs to publish, AND I didn't have my computer with me.  I guess it' s time to try mobile blogging. 

This is #2.  He is at the dentist office getting a cavity filled. He looks pretty happy don't you think? 


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