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Finally.. 20000 Feedback

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I finally reached 20000 feedback. I would love to say I am happy, and excited about it. Inside I know I have accomplished something.. because my family and I have earned this 20000 feedback. We aren't a big company, I don't have tons of employees.. (I gave birth to all of mine). I am just a mother that kept plugging away at selling.
I've been selling on eBay since March of 1998. That's 13 years! In that time I don't think I've ever experienced as much bad customer service from sellers and as much craziness from buyers as I have in the last couple of weeks. (Seriously I could write a book on some of the strange people I've encountered on eBay.)
This month I've had 2 sellers take 10 days to put my item in the mail. (they are top rated sellers too) I've purchases 2 items that were described as "NEW without tags" but were used.
As a Seller I have had a buyer alter (literally take it apart) and item and leave me a negative because it was not what she wanted. I had another buyer call me, ask for their money back, but wanted to keep the "useless" item. I apologized all over myself, offered to pay return shipping, she agreed to return it, and never did. BUT guess what she did.. left a negative (on how I haven't refunded her money yet). I had a buyer email me through eBay and request I send her an extra item so she will be "surprised and happy".
TWENTY THOUSAND FEEDBACK… that's an accomplishment right? Maybe tomorrow it will feel like it is one.

Just 30 away… from 20K

I'm very close to reaching a HUGE eBay milestone.

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Traditionally I have bought myself a new purse with every 1000 new feedback I receive. I've been thinking about my 20000 feedback purse. Here's a few in the running:

I love this purse.. but it's a little TOO high for me. Check it out HERE

I'm not sure about gold.. Check it out HERE

The price on this one is pretty good.. but it's an auction so you never know

Check it out HERE.

I'll let you know when I hit 20000.. and which purse I get 🙂

June 2021
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