Happy Birthday #5

Today is #5’s birthday.  It is unbelievable to me that he will be 15.


When you look at him you might notice he has a lot of hair.



He loves Star Wars.  He doesn’t seem impressed that I saw the first Star Wars in 1977.  He’s been to TWO Star Wars marathons… one he was even interviewed on TV.

He has quite the sense of humor and can imitate several voices.

He also has the sweetest baby face.  Happy Birthday #5!

Happy 8th Birthday #5

Eight years ago today my sweet little muffin #5 was born.


#3 holding #5


#5 is an interesting child.  He love super heroes (and cats)


Counseling his sister's doll's is just one of the services he provides.


He loves anything with the Legend of Zelda..


Getting dirty


Cake.. he really loves cake.


#2 and #5.  They kinda look a like huh?


Don't hold it against him, but his mother let his hair grow out SO Long.. he looked like a very cute girl.


Sometimes when he doesn't get a hair cut.. he looks like lime kitty.


Did I tell you he has an imagination?




Happy Birthday #5 Our lives would not be the same without you!

An Interview with #5 OR What’s Going on in the Mind of a 7 Year old.


#5 I mean.. Harry Potter

Why are you called #5 on this blog?  Well, because I'm like the 5th child you had or something.

What's your favorite color?  Blue, because it's blue.


#5 taking a Cat nap.. GET IT?

What do you want to be when you grow up?   I want to show people how to play video games.

Who's your best friend?  Joel, because he's fun to play with.

Would you recommend me as a mother?  Yes.

What's the best thing about being my kid?  You bought me a Harry Potter Wand on eBay for not a lot of money.


Likes Ice cream

If you had lots of money, what would you buy on eBay?  I would buy my own room. I don't want to share a room.

You don't like sharing a room? What about when you are married, will you share a room then? No, I don't need a woman. I know how to cook.

What's your favorite movie?  Harry Potter

What's your favorite super hero? Iron Man


Link from the Legend of Zelda.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Florida to all the resorts down there. You know Universal Studios, Disney that kind of resort.

What are you going to do when you retire?  Go to a retirement home.  No actually I will never go to a retirement home.

Do you have a girlfriend? NO!!  I'm done now, I think I need a snack after this conversation. Can I have a waffle?


We aren't sure what he's doing here..


The Day #5 Laid a Goose Egg

Yesterday afternoon I was running errands.. and on that little errand jaunt I passed the hospital and LITERALLY thought.. "I haven't taken our kids to the emergency room since #2 was a baby!" 

You know what happens when a mom says that?

goose egg, knot on the head, head injury, child

Sweet #5 and his goose egg.

I took all my kids to church and #5 was running in the youth room.. tripped and hit his head on a chair.  The result is that huge goose egg. 

Here's what the goose egg looks like today.

PS That kid has some SERIOUS eyebrows