52 Lists Project: Week 2 My Favorite Characters

I’ve been a slacker, and did not do this the last couple of weeks.

My Favorite Characters from a book, movie or TV show in no particular order.



  • Ramona Geraldine Quimby  She is a character from the Henry Huggins series of books, and later in her own books, Ramona the Pest and Ramona the Brave to name a couple.  I love Ramona because when I was young, I really identified with her bravery and being a misunderstood pest.


  •  Julie Stubing My Saturday nights were spent wishing I was Captain Stubing’s daughter on the Love Boat
  • Cal Lightman The main character in the TV show Lie To Me.  I am fascinated at his face reading abilities.


  • Dexter Morgan I loved this TV show and was embarrassed that I found myself cheering for a serial killer.
  • Bathsheba Everdene  She is stubborn, hard working and determined to make it in a man’s world. From the book and movie “Far from the Maddening Crowd.”


  • Tess McGill from the movie “Working Girl”  Some of my favorite movie quotes come from this movie.  Tess is everything I hope to be: Smart, hard working, funny and dating Harrison Ford.
  • Princess Ariel  from The Little Mermaid.  What’s not to love about her?  She’s got great hair, sings beautifully and her dad is Triton!


52 Lists Project: Week 1 Goals & Dreams for the Year


Week 1 Goals and Dreams for the Year

  1. Recover from all of the unhappiness I experienced in 2016.
  2. Grow my eBay business
  3. Grow my consulting business
  4. Build my website
  5. Get my inventory straight
  6. Successfully get #3 and 3.5 graduated from high school
  7. Find a new church
  8. Re-build my friendships that I feel like I didn’t give much attention to in 2016
  9. Finish my basement
  10.  Carve out time to needlepoint
  11. Plan my garden early this year and make it fabulous
  12. Get ahead of the laundry
  13. Get back on my schedule where I bake for my family
  14. Move #6 upstairs and out of The Man and I’s bedroom
  15. Plan a family vacation