#6 Photography or What the Baby Sees…

 While downloading eBay pictures to load for my eBay listings I found a few of #6 photos to share with you.


Two of his favorite things: Dad and Pooh Bear!


Vacuum. One of #6 favorite things to talk about… He's slightly afraid of the vacuum when it's not running

and very afraid of it when it is running.

**Please ignore my stacked up laundry baskets in the background, I'm afraid of those when they are full 😉



DSC04843This is #3.5.  I think she's laughing or sticking her tongue out.. or something

Here's #6's sweet baby feet, part of the sofa and a kitten. I'm not sure why this kid has on to different

colored shoes, but he does have them on the right feet 🙂

#6 Photography… Strikes Again.

The BABY… #6 thinks he's quite the photographer.. Here are his latest photos…


We call this one.. Dad on sofa.


This one is called: "Mom needs to get the pictures that fell behind the sofa"


"Cleaning the kitchen"


"The Dish washer"


"Loading the dishwasher"

*What's the deal with that drawer and all the junk falling out of it? 😉

What Happens When a 1 Year Old Has A Camera

I take a lot of pictures.. so my camera is always out in the open.. laying on some table or chair.  I guess this kid (below) thought he could take a few pictures


Here's a photo of #5.  I think he's doing his school.. I'm not sure.

That's #6's blue socked foot.

Close up of my lovely sofa.

I think this is #1 on our porch.  I really like the food and smudges on the camera lens.

#6 Photography is now booking appointments for the holidays. 😉