How a Cup o Noodles = a trip to the Hospital

Saturday #6 was making his favorite food, Cup o Noodles.  He put in the correct water ratio, let it sit, took it to the table, and then spilled it on his leg.


This is after they gave him some pain medication.


This is the chair he was sitting in.  It left a weird white mark.


He has spent a lot of time this weekend relaxing with the new puppy..

I think he likes the extra attention he was getting from #4. If you look close at his leg you can see the bandage.  It goes all the way up!  .

#6 goes to the Dr this week to see if he is healing ok.


Happy Birthday #6

#6 was born seven or eight weeks early.  The doctor blamed it on my “advanced maternal age”.  We were told that he might not grow and fail to thrive because of it.  I like to take photos every once in awhile just to see if he is growing.


Here is #4 and #6 the day he came home from the hospital.


At 1 year old


At 2 years old


Here is #4 at 13 and #6 at 6 years old


#5 and #6


#5 and #6 at 1 year


At 2 years old.


Here is #5 at 11 years and #6 at 6 years.


This is #5 and #4  The first time they saw #6 at the hospital.  Look how proud they were!

He’s A Super Model….

You may or may not know I live in Kansas, and if you are follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will know HOW MUCH my family and I love Keim Bakery in Ottawa, Kansas.  Now we have proof…


The new Franklin County Visitors Guide came out last week and look who made the guide…


#6! Eating a Keim Bakery Cookie.


Here's a close up of the photo in the visitors guide.

AND… just so you know he's not just a cookie spokesperson for Keim bakery, he's also a customer… 😉


Here is #6 in his fire truck jammies hanging out at home eating a Keim Bakery cookie.