Do You Send Gifts with Your eBay Package?

I've bought and sold on eBay since March 1998… that's almost 15 years if I'm doing the math right ;). I've sent LOTS of packages, and received quite a few too.  I've never been one to send a gift with my packages I send out, mostly because I'm afraid that the buyer will leave me some kind of feedback based on the gift. Superstitious right?

I have friends that add fun size candy or chocolate, others that send pens or stickers. My goal is to just get their item sent the same day they paid and have it arrive there safely.  As a buyer on eBay is a gift important to you?

I purchased a leather wallet with needlepoint insert on eBay couple of weeks ago.  It arrived quickly and was as described.


In the package was a clear heavy plastic pouch, the wallet, a nice note, some variegated DMC floss and a 1/2 sheet of Bible verses.  I'm a Christian, so the Bible verses did not offend me, but I wonder if they would offend her other customers? (I hope they haven't)  I really wanted to email the seller and ask her if any of her buyers have given her flack for her Christian views, but I haven't.


Here's what it looked like when I opened it.


I checked out my seller's feedback, she has over 13,000 positive feedback.  She's received 3 neutrals this year.  (Those neutrals say nothing about the Bible stuff.)  SO.. would you be offended by this? Do you think other buyers would be and could possibly ding this sellers feedback based on her Christian views?

Here's why I think I am so superstitious…

WAY back in 1999 my eBay About Me page had a photo of my children on it.  One of the photos was of #3 (at about 6mths old) sitting in the middle of my mother in laws dining room table eating ice cream. I had a buyer that was angry their item broke in shipping.  I immediately refunded the buyer's money, filed insurance on the package and apologized all over myself.  That buyer left me a negative feedback, and sent me a SCATHING email (with the photo she took from my about me page), about how "I was *not* a good example to my sweet daughter by not being honest with myself and just admitting I was in over my head selling on eBay."  And "I should quit selling on eBay and take care of my children."