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Dear Deer, I found Two Bucks!

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This morning I woke up bright and early to this creature. 

Oh and this one…. (there were 2 big bucks within 15 feet of each other)

There were also a couple of does.

Isn't this an awesome animal?  They were only about 20 feet from the back of our house.

I saw one of them while making breakfast.  I went over to our back doors to see him better and he looked up at me, like he knew I was looking at him.




See you later deer….

Beauty VS Brains Debate.. It’s Happening Right Now

I would never call myself an animal person. Growing up my parents liked dogs, and to this day I think they both like the unconditional love of a dog. Neither one of them really liked cats. Just to see what cats were like.. in my early 20's I had cats. I figured out about 15 years ago I was allergic to some animals, so I didn't have any pets until I met The Man. He lived out here with a few cats that "found him" and no dogs (or degus for that matter).

Wednesday the kids and I were going to a Birthday Party when we saw 2 kittens, and being the loon I am, we picked them up, put them in our car and took them home. Because of these two new additions to our home, it sparked a debate about Beauty vs Intelligence, and it's all because of this:

and this..

You see we find these kittens super cute..


This is Ivana. (to know more about Ivana go here) I'm not call Ivana or her brothers ugly..

It's just Ivana, SCOTT! and Mr. Bigglesworth are really smart… they play and do kitten like things everyday. I don't believe they have ever walked between the railings on the stairs and fallen or fallen off the arm of the chair several times in one day (like the two new kittens do).

This kitten fell off the sofa and the arm of a chair several times.

This one walked between the spindles and fell down to the landing. She also

got her head caught in the slats of a chair and fell off the sofa.


So What do you think? Can you have beauty and intelligence?

I'm praying that you can! 😉

June 2021
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