27 years on the 19th of April

April 19th is the 27th anniversary of our first date.

It was a blind date.  Although we figured out that I knew him from school. (He did not know who I was).  We ate at Applebee’s and went to see a movie.

Today we went to the grocery store and planned on going through Hardee’s drive thru for breakfast.  We spent too much time grocery shopping and missed the 10:30 breakfast cut off.  So we wet home and made biscuits and gravy for the children.

We’ve been blessed with good health, a nice home, and seven children.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Eads!


That Ain’t No Lady.. That’s My Wife..

ticket to the gun show, the man

15 years ago today.. this guy I made the best decision of his my life..

He married me. 

Some of you might be wondering how we had those 2 children so fast after the wedding.  I'll stick with what I said HERE.  (God works in mysterious ways.)

If you know the Man.. you would know he can fix anything that plugs in.  He's pretty funny too.  Oh.. and he's a good great dad!

If he's snuggling with #3

Or trying to get a kid to ride a bike.

Or maybe acting like a kid on the trampoline.

Who knew all this..

would come from this?

Thanks for Marrying Me!  I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

March 17th…

I had a plan to write a blog about my anniversary that falls on March 17th every year.. but a little German Restaurant in Paola (Beethovans) and a SUPER long trip to the grocery store side tracked me.. and I didn't get it done.

#1 annoyed… probably because I am showing this photo…

Here's what I wrote LAST YEAR about March 17th…