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Tuesday’s To Do..

morning glory, climbing flowers, purple, pink, flowers

I remember when these morning glories would greet me each morning..

Tuesday's To Do…

  • No School (it's a holiday)
  • clean the house.
  • Dentist appt for #1 and #2
  • wrap Christmas presents
  • make list for Advent craft night
  • write article
  • plan youth group
  • Take #4 to Christmas Performance practice
  • Dinner = Vegetable Beef and noodle soup, homemade rolls and oatmeal scotchies
  • write up a few eBay things
  • take pictures of the Christmas decorations
  • get stuff together for meeting tomorrow

Tuesdays a Good Day to Get Something Done…

Hello.. fabulous Shoe.. I need you.. several different colors please.

Tuesday’s To Do’s

1. Write up eBay stuff

2.  Father’s Day Cards.. and Netflix.. MAIL THEM!

3.  VBS Crafts

4. Send in article

5. Post article

6. Dinner= Leftovers.. because I think part of us will be working at the church.

7.  Make a new cooking blog for my Sister in law’s recipe for some kind of awesome cinnamon goo-y stuff

8.  Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

9. work on church’s eBay stuff…

10. Fix photos

11. Eclipse Tickets..

12. emails for Youth Group on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s To Do List.

Wednesday’s  To Do List 5-26-2010

1.  Write up a few things.

2. Firm up plans for Youth Sunday and make the PowerPoint.

3. Do something with my hair.

4. 5th grade promotion

5. Finish up article and send it in.

6. Work on Church eBay Stuff.

7.  Dinner= Leftovers

8. 8th Grade Promotion.

9. Make WordPress Template for eBay Customer

10. reminder email to Girl Scout about the night sky badge.

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